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Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Little Life~~

~~~tHe Gourd WiNNer was ANNie FaNNie~~

Oh this is such a sweet baby bird,(pictured below in the flower pot) she opened her little beak when I picked her up and placed her in a flower pot ,high on a stump.. she had started her life , flew down from her nest and landed on the they all do .

~~It started the other Sunday morning~~

Tomikins and Stinky(no I didn't name him that )(;) kids did years back ~~

when I let my cats out after their piece of chicken snack (:) and I heard squacking birds, so I went out to investigate and sure enough a baby robin was on the ground, so after placing it in the flower pot I coaxed the cats to come back in --for somemore chicken snacks(:)
....what would I do without that trick~~Probably have saved a dozen or more baby birds that way~~

I watched the little one through the window,

Momma keeping watch out from the handle of an old plow in my garden~~

And her mom was hopping around the lawn with a worm in her beak to feed her.. always amazes me how the moms take such good care of their babies.. there were other robins around nose diving at my cats during the rest of the day, distracting them from their baby..

Watching from the Apple tree~~

and watching from the fence above the garden~~

It may have just been the mom and pop ,but it seemed like there were several robins helping to keep ''baby dumplins'' alive..

I have my eyes open and of~~~Monday~~~it is still alive (somewhere hidden in the flower beds or garden --its not in the planter where I first put it)
I see the parents still out doing their thing, protecting an feeding it.. so I think this one will make it to fly away and have a good life (:) I sure as heck hope so ~!!!

AS of today is up on the bench (:) so it is doing well .....the mom and dad are still watching over her(it??) Yea~!!! She is walking an flying short distances around the yard too~~

Has anyone seen this show I watched it again the other night on Lifetime.. scarey~!!

Hope all is going well for everyone and thanks for coming by..

The baby bird saver(:)

hugs Patty(:)

UPDATE on me(:)

-Tuesday morning-

I was out mowing the lawn (in thongs-dumb) and slipped as I was pushing the

'' turned off lawn mower''

back into the shed and slipped on a hill with damp grass ..whopped the back of my head and I laid there for a minute hoping I didn't do too much damage-like a concussion-- well I was ok.. scared me though I was thinking ....I wonder if I yell HELP any of my neighbors would here me..and wondering if I had enough breath to yell (:O) Oh well I hobbled back into the house and put an ice pack on my head.... I'm ok.. YEA~!! I knew better then to wear those thongs~!!


  1. Awwww what a sweet story!!
    I am hppy it was a good ending!

  2. Patty, your are an angel for saving the baby birdie and by the way all the bird pictures are great.

    I'm glad you didn't have problems after your fall. I love thongs....but I going to re-think wearing them in the garden. What I really love to do is go bare footed...just like a little kid:). Take care, hugs, Linda

  3. Yeah..... for Patty for saving the baby birds... I just don't know how the animals get along without a little help from us ... I know God has his eye on the sparrow.... but it doesn't hurt to have us helping ...

  4. Wow Patty, hope you're ok? That had to hurt.
    Glad the little baby is safe from Stinky! Couldn't resist saying that!
    God bless,

  5. Glad your ok!!
    Love that pic of are beautiful!

  6. Adorable post & I love your blog header photo - such a gorgeous cat!

  7. Oh what a lovely post, I am so pleased you were able to save the bird. Lovely photo of you too

  8. Sweet I was reading that last part I almost thought for a moment that you were going to say the baby bird was on the grass when you were mowing....

    I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself!

  9. Your poor head I hope you are ok!!



  10. Love your pictures of all the birds!
    Hope your head is OK! Poor baby!

    Love, Ann


  11. Hi Patty!
    You ARE an angel for saving the baby robin! What a sweet story! We have robin nests often at our front porch and I love seeing the progression of their new lives.
    I'm glad you're ok after your fall! I am really careful about what shoes I wear when out with the mower. I slipped in the ditch one time and it scared me terribly!
    You took great photos Patty!
    Hugs, SHerry

  12. Hi Patty, Fabulous post on the baby birds. Delightful photos and so happy you saved them and yourself. That was scary. Yes, I watched that movie too. That was scary too. Hope you are having a wonderful day. ~ Lynn

  13. Patty, are you ok? A hit like that is not a good thing! Love the pictures of mama, babies and your sweet cats.

    I haven't seen a robin for years. We don't have them in the Phoenix area. At least I've never seen them.

    Hugs to you and take care of yourself,

  14. Glad you saved the baby birds. I am glad you are okay. Love the picurre of you. You are such a beautiful lady. Be careful and you have a wonderful week.

  15. Just think of all the little dramas going all around us every day in our yards. Then there are those much bigger ones going on in our neighbors houses everyday with out us knowing. Aren't we lucky most of us don't have major dramas going on in our own homes? Lot's to be thankful for. Especially like the little drama you played out in your yard. Makes you think what you would do if you really were hurt bad, huh. Maybe a cell phone or pager in the pocket or a pet close by that would get help, etc. I'm glad you were mostly jarred and not seriously hurt. Hope you aren't too sore now.

  16. Patty,
    You are so sweet too! I hope your head is feeling better. I hope you have a wonderful weekends.

    The fonts on my blogs...the scriptures. It did not have any font to pick. I think it was the fonts that you either click "B" or "I" What I did is that I just started with capital letter first then lovwer case then capital letter....just rotate it. I was just playing with it and I like it and kept it that way. Thanks you for your sweet comment. I just love your Blogs. I will continue to visit you. :) Hugs


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