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Saturday, July 12, 2008



This is a stump covered with Ivy and nearly covering the two birdhouse(:0

Hi Everyone~~

I have some dirty little secret plants that look like they are growing out of pots but actually they have a heart or circle wired frame in the pot and the ivy comes from the flower (dirty)beds below (:)
So the watering gets done by the underground sprinklers.. OH I love those automatic sprinklers..Ofcourse there are always some areas in the yard that need some special attention and I pull out a hose and a sprinklers for that...Not that I am so busy or anything ..LOL
I need something productive to be doing , something to get me outside (:)

Just a pot in the flower bed surrounded by IVY~

Pot # 1..Ivy grows around the heart shaped wire in the pot~

Pot # 1

This pot has a heart shaped wire frame and it is covered with the Ivy from the Ivy growing in a big wood pot below and the big wood pot gets the Ivy from the dirty ground (:)~~

Pot #1 backside

This is the backside where the big wood pot is filled with ivy from the dirty flower bed ~

And it moved on up to the heart framed wire pot~

Pot # 2
This is another pot with a round wire frame that holds the Ivy that grows up from the Dirty flower bed behind the deck~~

pot #2

pot # 2 backside secret area*(:)

pink arrow shows the round wire framed pot~~

I'm confused is everyone else(:) LOL
~IVY ~IVY How well it grows ...It is amazing ~~ Almost unstopable(:)

Carter and his mom picking some raspberries and he loved throwing the green apples into his pool(:)

~~~My back is better from my slip in the grass, thanks for all of your sweet well wishes~~


Glenda and Jo are the glitter girls and Shirley and I are the homegrown farm girls can ya tell(:) LOL

~~Glenda's Birthday breakfast Friday~~

We try and get together on our birthdays for either a lunch or a breakfast .

I was hunkering down trying to look tiny(:) LOL

~~Thursday there was a fire~~

There was a hillside fire above the orchard that made it all the way down to it..burned some of the wood fencing and afew rows of trees..They might die... We had a water truck that helped put out what we could but the fire dept..was useless ..not to happy about it either ..They were too busy putting it out along the mountain and above .......We are all thankful the whole orchard didn't burn down..UGH~!!(:O)

this years LILACS

Glad you all came by(:) Hope you are all having a wonderful day!!

hugs Patty


  1. I love lilacs. You are so cute :) Thats somethin I would totally do, hunker down in my chair to look tiny LOL That cracked me up!!!

    Glad that your feeling ok and getting better!!!

  2. Hi Patty,

    I'm glad your back is better.
    The ivy and lilacs make me want to move to a different climate. I love the smell of lilacs.

    That's a good pic of you and the girls. I like the idea of a birthday breakfast.

    Carter is a cutie pie. How old is he?

    Keep feeling good- stay off the wet grass.


  3. Love the pictures of your yard and flowers. The purple Lilacs are lovely!
    I am so excited to win those gourds! I love to make birdhouses out of them for my yard. Its so much fun and so easy! Thank you so much!
    Love, Ann

  4. Glad to hear your back is better. Your Ivy is lovely!

  5. Glad to hear your better!
    Your pics are lovely!Your yard looks so sweet ,everything is so cute!
    I like the picture of you too !!

  6. So glad to hear your back is feeling better ~ you and your friends look so happy!

    Your lilacs are gorgeous! I'm a sucker for ivy so I really enjoyed this post :)


  7. Ooooh, ouch! Sorry to hear about your slip--back pain is the pits! Your yard is so pretty--even if there are some "dirty secrets" hiding there! lol you are so silly! Love seeing your pic there with the girlfriends--hunkering down, lol--you are a cutey!

    Smiles, Karen

  8. Your lilacs are so pretty!! I love all your GREEN.

    I'm glad your back is better!
    Have a great day!

  9. I know a lot of gardeners don't like ivy but I like the way it grows so easily. I can almost smell the lilacs in the picture. :).


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