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Sunday, September 14, 2008


goo-goo(Japanese Chin) an Roger~~
Roger,Irene,Rowena(my sister n law) and Hub-e

Beautiful Irene..and niki(doggy)
Irene's darling new purse she got in cute~!!

My sister in law Rowena and one of her sons Roger and his wife Irene came Saturday evening for a visit ..was nice to see them again we do about twice a year..theylove over towards Seattle area..

Love their is a recued doggy an the tiny one is not she is a Japanese darling about 3 lbs.

I had to Add this from Polly at Countingyourblessings..

she just has such a sweet soul~~On her blog she has a page with things to be thankful for~~

Below she wrote:

~~~~~I've had about 24 hours to think of what the very first entries should be and I am still struggling because shouldn't they be what's first in my heart? Yet even as I write this sentence, I'm thinking of other things just as important or better ways to phrase them... So, here I go with the first six but not necessarily the top 6...
1) Grace and the longing between Christ and me.
2) A husband who WANTS to live for God WITH ME.
3) Parents who were strict and still don't waver in nudging me toward obedience.
4) Teachers who made me memorize verses as a child (because now they're hidden in my heart)
5) An abusive first marriage (because I was truly saved from it - physically, emotionally and spiritually and that has changed who I am)
6) Generally, for my children (because of them I want a holy life)
Please join me in counting our blessings...

Polly and her cute hubby~

the little Prairie dress Giveaway is so cute, very with stars and stripes..smells delish and has the raw edges..12 inches long and is darling hanging on a little

twig or metal hanger with the mini clothes pins~~very prim..I have some on the Flea Market Friday too up top right..

Today I painted then listed my Frenchy FLAPPER manniquin~~

so glad you came over to see me(:)

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