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Monday, March 31, 2008


Love this darling bunny I got yesterday(:)

Morning coffee chat(:)


""ME"" TAGGED (:)

Donna at the darling An Enchanted Cottage tagged and
challenged me to a 6 word description of my life (:0 wowow'

my life is:
all "mine"

check out her cute site

My precious sleeping 'Tomikins'

~~~~Just some of my spaces (:)

an outside cement planter I made..metal rusty fencing around the flower beds I love.. not much growing yet so it looks kinda bare and brown*(:)

The ivy growing up an old stump -was a wonderful oak tree that died (:) sad but true

this is a cement water dish I made for the cats and birds...full of icky water at the moment when we get the irrigation water on I'll spray in new fresh(:)

bonnet flapper gals on a plaque
One side of my livingroom with a painted shutter bifold~~

a lovely roses watercolor my sister painted for my Birthday (:)

Livingroom ~ behind the couch a wood garage sale bifold find I re painted and tossed a sheer scarf over a garage sale lamp(:)

oh just the back of the stove(:)

an ebay find~ little metal church

the red cupboard we found in an Antique store an have really enjoyed having it --on the end of my kitchen~~

my moms old hutch always afun place to decorate for the holidays ~painted the papermache boxes on the left and right~

a livingroom piece always fun to decorate it for the Holidays~Garage sale find~

soup sign ~~a fun find at a little going out of business deli~~ a metal clock I love ..a gift from a friend..hung it in my kitchen~~

chalkboard~ a garage sale find afew years back~~hangs behind the diningroom tablea bedroom picture I like another G-sale find(:) The weather is nice here today in the fifties..such a nice time of year my lobelia did get snowed on afew days back but I think it might make it...

div>Yesterday was a fun one we went to a Bavarian little theme town called Leavenworth WA..

they have horse(big like clydesdales) drawn carriages ..festive street music and lots of nice little places to eat-- had late afternoon bracworst and looked in the zillions little stores they have ...found my cute rabbit girl and on the way back to the car bought a big chunk of rum fudge(:) The mountains are really something else the pictures don't show how high they are an lovely..

Today I made some BBQ chicken tortillas I baked them in the oven first topped them with a hot pepper cheese (:) yummy

Late morning I got my grandson Carter and had him till about 3pm we had fun played outside quite abit..the weather was perfect.. he did find an outside cat food dish and water managed to get pretty wet he was having so much fun I just couldn't bring myself to stop him.....good thing his mom sent some xtra clothes// love having my time with him he is one year old now..

Hope you all have a great day(:)

hugs Patty

Me and my craftroom(:0

~~part of a Humpty Dumpty picture I painted she is kissing his egg head(:)

LOVE to Paint~~(:)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Birdnest pics I painted yesterday ~~


  1. Hello Patty! thankyou for your's great to meet other bloggers, especially when they are from The US (we are longing to visit sometime!) so I've popped over to say hello and have a nosy at all your lovely things!
    Got to say I absolutely adore your 3 little recycled sweater bunnies..they're so fab!
    Sairer x

  2. oops! I meant your sweater KITTIES! I've got bunnies on the brain after Easter!

  3. It's always fun to get a little peek into people's home! What a charming place you have!
    Smiles, Karen

  4. Patty! You are an amazing painter! Why didn't you tell me? =) WOW - love your humpty dumpty. Your red cabinet is darling and your sister's rose watercolor is wonderful too. I enjoyed seeing all this great stuff. Blessings.. Polly

  5. Hi, what an array of lovely things in your home. Love the rosy picture and cushion.
    Margaret and Noreen at THY

  6. All of your things are darling!! Very talented!
    Enjoy your weekend

  7. Just wanted you to know that I love your blog, and if you'd like to play along, I've tagged you on my blog for a 6 word life motto :)... Donna

  8. You are a wonderful artist! I have a thing for hutches so loved seeing your pictures.

    Have a great Sunday,


  9. Hi Patty!! Well, I love your 6 word meme!!! And the cute bunny you got yesterday!
    Those gerber daisies sound beautiful!!
    P.S. I love all your blog music :)... Donna

  10. Hi Pat Thanks for visiting and leaving a message. Your post sure is chock full of goodies to look at. I enjoyed seeing some of your spaces. You're a talented gal. I loved your paintings. I look forward to getting to know you.
    Rhondi xo


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