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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LOVING~~~ Monday March 31st

~~~~~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~~~~~~
LOVING this Spring weather(:)

Love panteloons I saw these on her site and made some ..but I get teased by the family when I try an wear them ..oh well I will someday ..might not leave the house in them but will wear them(:) Do any of you remember wearing them ??I sure do ..way back when we were required to wear ''knee length dresses to school''

see her darling clothes at: Frills, Frocks and Fancies:
Three cats I made with recycled sweaters ~~

Love these two little sweeties(:)

Racoons this is what is coming to eat my ''outside cat food'' I have a little gray cat that comes to eat so I like to leave him something ..haven't coaxed him into the house yet, am still trying~~

Birch BAY a fun summer resort we went to last year~

Lake Diablo on the NWCascades highway here in Washington State a gorgeous place we came back home from Birch Bay on this takes longer but was nice to veiw the scenery~~

On the same trip a stop at an Antique tractor show~~

Birch Bay at sunset~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I just went to Antique Paperie (and theantiquecafe) and read her inspirational message "A lovely action" about spreading Love and Kindness ~~ A must read~ loved it~~(:)

Hope you have a wonderful MONDAY (:)~~~!!!!!


~Carter with his dad and grandpa~


Oh I hope everyone had as nice an Easter as I did(:)

So fun to watch little ones find their eggs.

Yesterday was a cat scan day.. not a bad experience it was my first time.. hopefully the last ~~
Nothing to serious..
just a look see~~
Today is a nice day ... I repainted my cupboard on my deck I only repainted the black the turquoise doors are still ok~ Love having a closed cupboard to store all my little garden things,plus alot of small tools I use like drills, dremels, etc..we found it years ago at alittle junk store paid about $20 for it~~


If you are interested in vintage 4x6" photos come see them at my store (:)


  1. The cabinet is darling! And your old photos are soooo cool. I keep waiting to see if you're going to make any more of those heart dolls. I'll bet they would sell well. Anyways... Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings... Polly

  2. Thanks so much for popping by my blog today--it's always a treat to get new visitors! :o)
    Your blog is a lot of fun--I absolutely love that pic in your sidebar (I'm still the same size...)
    Cracked me up! That is me all the way! Love the pantaloons, and the cute cupboard for all your outdoor stuff.
    Smiles, Karen

  3. You should wear the pantaloons... they are very hip now.... Yes I wore them.... oh my .... but those are linen..... they are wonderful.
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog..
    I will be back to see you

  4. I love all your pictures..those cats are too adorable! Hey, wear the pantaloons if you feel like it!



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