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Monday, July 08, 2013

Old Films ..Black and White... Star ..Barbara LaMarr

"The Heart of a Siren" Barbara La Marr 1925 First National Pictures
"The Heart of a Siren" Barbara La Marr 1925 First National Pictures

 1925 above 

"Thy Name is Woman" Barbara La Marr, 1924, Metro, **I.V.

"Trifling Women" Barbara LaMarr & Ramon Novarro 1922 Metro Pictures

Barbara La Marr Circa 1925
 I love these oldies..
28 July 1896, Yakima, Washington, USA
 wow she was born only a couple hours drive away from here (:)
in WA. state

Personal Quotes
Men--bah! I am sick of men.
I like my men like I like my roses . . . by the dozen.

Jack Dougherty (1923 - 30 January 1926) (her death)
Ben Deeley (1918 - 1921) (divorced)
Phil Ainsworth (13 October 1916 - 1918) (divorced)
Lawrence Converse (2 June 1914 - 1914) (annulled a few days later)
Jack Lytell (1913 - 1914) (his death)

Never had more than two hours of sleep a day, because she felt that life was too short to waste any of it by sleeping.
She was one of the first Californians to become rich in the motion picture industry; she was also probably the first to become an actress after being a scenario writer first. MGM chief Louis B. Mayer chose Hedy Lamarr's name in honor of Barbara La Marr.
Stage actress and cabaret artist.

La Marr Conspiracy collection


This wonderfully informative piece was penned by late La Marr researcher Jimmy Bangley in the mid-1990s, and appears at other locations. was formerly the home site of his official Barbara La Marr fan club. He was at work on a full biography when he passed on in December of 2004 at the age of forty-eight. La Marr's son Don Gallery, who was adopted by her dear friend Zasu Pitts, is rumored to be carrying on this project. We'd love to hear from him!

by Jimmy Bangley
    She was known all over the globe as "The Girl Who Is Too Beautiful." She wrote seven successful screenplays for United Artists and Fox studios, danced in musical comedies on Broadway, hoofed it in Vaudeville (and with exhibition partner Rudolph Valentino), produced films, endorsed celebrity perfume, and designed hats. She also went through five husbands, countless lovers, rivers of alcohol, and a sea of publicity.

    Uniquely touched by talent, she was a Renaissance woman of the Art Deco era. Passion, intelligence, tragedy, celebrity, and ultimately bad luck marked her life.

    The bright white light of fame had been part of Barbara La Marr's meteor-like life since she was a girl. At the tender age of fourteen she was brought in front of venerable Judge Monroe in Los Angeles juvenile court. Miss La Marr (known then as Reatha Watson, her foster-child adopted name) ran afoul of the law for dancing underage.
 With her striking beauty she had created a sensation with her exotic and erotic dance turns. The men went crazy over her, and word spread like wildfire about the sensuous little Salome. L.A.'s finest hauled in the panther-like temptress for inciting a riot. Among her numerous admirers were politicians, millionaires, motion picture moguls, royalty, and, unfortunately, sinister charlatans, horny lounge lizards, and crooks from the gutters of life. All of these men were drawn to the child-woman who held glamour, innocence, sexual delight, and sadness in her violet starlit orbs.
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  1. Interesting...."I like my men like I like my the dozen" hahaha!! I think my favorite picture of barbara is the one with the big hat....she looks like your manny's

  2. I daresay...that wonderfully fab characters such as this are an inspiration to your creations? Are they? Oh....the days of grace and fancy....


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