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Sunday, February 01, 2009


Piggy Bank for Carter ..

it is on wheels(:) the nose unscrews to pour out the money ..he will love it~

My roses finally dried out so I put them into one of my paper nosegays (:)

Two red cups and heart shaped saucers~

Red cup and saucer~

Yesterday was a fun day .. we went to a town about

2 hours from here --called Yakima..

nothing special about this town except
they have an OLIVE GARDEN ..and we love to eat there..
the salad and chicken alfredo pizza is wonderful..
then we went to a favorite Antique store --

yes called ATTIC CLUTTER~
I borrowed their name ..

but have also purchased two Armoires from them
so I feel better about the borrowing it(:) LOL
I found the piggy bank there for Carter~
Then I was lucky when we went into Gottschalks

I bought some
Euphoria -Calvin Cline perfume-- smells delish..
I got the small lotion type..

Lotion is perfect to rub a little on the neck and wrists..
then I found some great shoes.. (will take a picture of them later)
The red Valentine cup and heart shaped plates

were a gift for buying the perfume..
Can you believe it is February already ~!! OH MY ~!!

Have you all been watching Oprah and the Susan Summers --

programs on the bio-identical hormones..
they sound like a good thing..
...not sure, if there is a family history

with breast cancer that I should try it..

but I might look into it~~(:)

~~~~~~~~~~hope you are all having a good day today..(:)


  1. Hi Patty....I love your header!

    No..I stopped watching Oprah last year..I fell out of being a follower of hers for various reasons...I'm trying to not watch television that much anyway, it forces me to be more creative and make better use of my time. :)

    I hope you have a great Weekend!

  2. Oh, your piggy is adorable! The trays and adorable vintage images in your previous posts are adorable, too!

  3. Patty, I love the little piggy for Carter. The perfume sounds delish....I'd buy some just for the sweet cups and plates.
    You have to be so careful with hormones, especially when breast cancer or a family history of it is to check with your doctor...hugs, Linda

    p.s. The header is cute with the little cup from your it!

  4. Hi Patty,
    Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on my blog. I do enjoy your visits.
    Love TattingChic (Not TC, thanks!!!)
    ((Hugs)) to you! :)

  5. Love your photos today, the piggy is so cute,love your new header too!
    I only watch O sometimes, not as much as I use to,I am disappointed with her these days..
    Carter will love his surprise!

  6. Love your Valentine decor, and the little pig is too cute!!!

  7. The piggy is the cutest thing I have seen in awhile. Your roses really dried out nicely.

  8. Great Nosegays Patty! I LOVE THEM...
    Your dried roses look so pretty in them!
    Are you sippin your coffee from your red cup n heart saucer?

  9. Hi Patty, Thank so much for your visit. Come on in anytime. Love your pink piggy and the mannequins you paint. Years ago I used to be a faithful watcher of Oprah but I don't watch her or anyone much anymore. :) ~ Lynn

  10. Hello dear friend! Wow - you are one busy lady! I can't keep up with you! (LOL) You have such cute, cute stuff!!! And hope your birthday was wonderful! (I did send a card, right???) And yes, I did watch the Oprah thing (I watch her way too often!) and boy I would love to feel how wonderful those ladies were feeling! At least I will try and take my regular vitamins a little more regularly.

    And yes, we still have snow here - altho it is supposed to be 50 degrees this weekend. And hope to be able to blog soon - I just know once I start, I will go on for hours! And geeze I still need to write about Christmas yet! Oh well, haven't done my Christmas cards yet either. And now I have to get the taxes done, because we need to get our FAFSA in for college scholarship/loan applications by March 1! So one of these days, one of these days!

    But hugs to you from snowy Michigan! Diane


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