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Friday, December 12, 2008

Vintage Stocking ~SHOE

Yesterday I made a Christmasy old fashioned shoes with a lace doiley top , a button and some lace on the very top..I added little white buttons going up the shoe(:)
.. stained and baked it... I LOVE IT>>
just a question--"" do yo think I should make the toe go down like a real shoe??""
I have afew more ready to make and can change that on it (:) ????????????????

ONE more question..
what if any Christmas collections have you given your children or grandchildren..
Yesterday Jeanne and I were talking about what to start giving our G-KIDS every Christmas--~~~
We said maybe a snowglobe..or a tree ornament --like a santa, or snowman~~One each year~~
Oh Linda asked about how to make the cheese balls --well I just grate the cheese, mix in cream cheese and worchestershire sauce, apple juice and roll it into a ball then roll it in the chopped nuts.. (:) But you can add chopped pimentos, or a wine or different kind of fruit juice, or green olives chopped small mixed in --YUMMMMMMMM I might try that today ..LOL ~~

AND I have~~~
Cream Cheese Olive 1/2 ball(:)

I just did one pkg of cream cheese popped it in the microwave .. added the chopped olives(almond stuffed olives and hot peppery ones)..then tossed a few chopped walnuts on top .. EASY~~
(:) It is pretty good actually .......... looks a little strange in the picture.. LOL
CIELO is having a 'Treasures Party'
..go peek

Lea (shabby ol potting shed)
has a darling nativity scene posted on there.. I sent a pic of my treasure but was too late .........deadline was 10pm lastnight I was 10:30 (:O)
oh well it was just the angel my sweet sis sent me and it is posted on one of my blogs already ~~

Glad you came in and I hope you are all having a wonderful day(:)


  1. Patty...thats adorable..I love it just the way it is...the toe adds a touch of whimsy!!


  2. Hi Patty ,
    I love your primitive stocking boot .... I bet your home is very pretty . I only see it here one snapshot at a time but I try to piece it together in my mind .
    You are very creative .
    xxxooo Sue

  3. Patty, I think the stocking is perfect just as is just precious....I love all the buttons and the finished color.
    Oh, I like all the ideas for the cheese balls...I think I'll have fun making them...thank you. hugs, Linda

  4. What a wonderful stocking..great job and it looks perfect!


    P.S. In response to your question..I make an ornament for each child and when they get married and have their first tree, they get to have all their ornaments.

  5. I like the end of the stocking, it reminds me of an elf shoe. I know several people that buy their grandchild the holiday stuffed animals that have the year embroidered on them every year and then make sure to get photos of the child with all the animals. It seems to me storage could get to be an issue with those because they are usually pretty big. My daughter collects nutcrackers so I usually get her a different one each year.

  6. The STOCKING is PERFECT Patty!
    I POSITIVELY LOVE it! Especially with all thee buttons. I like that although it's great at Christmas time, it would be great left out year round!
    Great idea to give the kids or grands a "collection" every year! If they were given ornies at an early age, they'd have a wonderful childhood collection for their own tree someday!
    Have a great day,

  7. I've enjoyed my visit and a little glimps at your Christmas decor. Looking forward to seeing more. Lovely! Jean

  8. Oh yes...great Stocking!
    Talented Ms Patty!


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