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Sunday, December 07, 2008

ChRiStMaS Sentiments

Yesterday I found this metal wall candle holder of $ has mirrors behind it so it looks like several candles , but is just the one~

and the darling vintage candle with red lights(they look purple in the pic) and the pinecone lights and holly around it for $1.. LOVE them ..they look so pretty at night ~~(:)

We went to a little town about an hour away yesterday had fun looking around and shopping ......stopped at some Thrift stores looking for my little santas I collect of Thrift stores we went into stuck in my mind this morning was dusk --always a dim time of day--through the windows I saw the store keeper and her son about 10 years old working on somethings behind the desk ...
they were both trim and healthy looking but I senses a sadness..
....there was no Christmas music playing ..

So we looked around and I didn't see anything I wanted and I said 'thanks' as we left--she replied ''' thank-you~

As I got into the car I looked in she sat there an put her chin into her hand.. like someone would do when their days work is almost over and their tired.. but her face looked so sad.. I felt for her and her child as he quietly and carefully was taking items out of a box...
I know it is so hard on a child if a parent is depressed...

I wonder if she misses her family that may live in another country, or maybe she has ill parents or another in her family.. I wondered if they were struggling financially.. or an abusive husband or maybe she was a young widow..UGH.........oh all the thoughts that have gone through my mind..

She probably was just tired an bored an wanted to get home and cook dinner(:) I HOPE~~

Life can be very sad for some at Christmas
....we are more aware of those we pass..... I wish I purchased something there now..or had somehow connected with her and simply asked if she was OK..

A MUST go see ~~``

~~Polly's Servant's Quarters (:)
she is just so talented and such a lovely person has her upstairs ''almost all fixed up'' for a home school study for her darling children~~(:) LOVE IT~~

made some sheep this morn and am baking them..makes them tighter~~(:)
well so glad you came in ~~I love hearing from you ~~


  1. Hi Patty, concerning the 'sad' woman...that's the nice thing about prayer...we can do that!
    Your wall sconce w/ the mirrors gives me an idea for a couple I have, but it'll have to wait til next Christmas. I think I packed them for our eventual move to CO.
    Yes, I keep heading over to Polly's to see her progress.
    We just got our tree today, so that's what we'll be doing tonite.
    God bless,
    Brenda :)

  2. Miss Patty, it looks like you're having LEG OF LAMB for supper? LOL
    a whole HERD of em? They look great!
    Your story about the shopkeeper made me sad. I hope she's okay. I've had times before after meeting up with someone when I couldn't get them off my mind too; wishing I'd have said "something MORE." ~ SO I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. I just said a prayer for her and her son. Can't hurt right?!!
    Have a great day!
    Love your candleholder and everything!

  3. I love the metal candle holder its so precious,
    Patty if dont mind can you do a tutorial on the sheep, I would so much love to know how you do those,they are adorable.!!

  4. The candle holder is wonderful! Love the little sheep, and a touching post!
    kari & kijsa

  5. I adore the glimmer of your well placed lights...the dapple is so pleasing!

  6. I said a little prayer for the Thrift Store lady. May God wrap his loving arms around her!

    I am hoping to start decorating for Christmas today. It was a tough week last week. - Teresa

  7. Hi Patty, love your sweet finds. The candle wall hanger is so pretty, first I thought is was several candles and you found the perfect spot for the vintage candle.....I love the soft light from both. Oh, your lambs are so cute! Will they be in your shop?
    What a touching story about the shop keeper...I'm hoping she was tired from long day...hugs, Linda


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