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Thursday, July 31, 2008


~~~Oh the LAZY DAYS of SUMMER~~~

My little blonde baby grandson Carter~~

~~Carter picked and is eating some raspberries in the backyard the other day (:)~~

This is such a nice and lazy laid-back time of year..I suppose some are busier then ever with the kids home,but some of us can move at a relaxing pace(:)And if it is a hot day I do that very well.. LOL
~~~But not this day..I 've spent some time up a 12 foot ladder plucking off the cotteling moth infested little green apples on three of the 4 apple trees in our backyard..hubby did the last one ..It was hot and scarey up at the top, I held on to a fat branch with one hand when I was on the second from the top rung..
I tried to pick and throw them into the bin/lug below as much as I could, knowing all that were on the ground I'd have to shovel up.. ugh ..The next day I had baby Carter and thought he could help me get the apples off the ground..tossing them into the lugs ..haha.. he sat in an apple filled lug.. tossed apples into his little wadding pool..etc.. was cute but no help... It was just wishful thinking.. at 15 months old he is alittle too young(:)

Carter helping granny pick up the apples~~

A little coloring before lunch ~~

This is a little green metal tray I got from Polly @ counting your blessings

My new red couch cover(:)

the much needed Baby gate is in the background..don't want any tumbling down the stairs~!! ~~

My new Goodwill Capris(:)

~A cute Garden Shirt I found in a Magazine~

~~Kids in Summers Past~~

~~some photos I found on the web~~

~I made some ~Flower Market~ Signs~

2 feet wide x 4" h..wood plaques..

I drilled a hole on each side so they can be hung on a fence or somewhere(:)

also added the metal little ornate embelishment..and painted that white..

if anyone is interested they are $7 ea..with $4....shipping in the US

Glad you all came to visit(:)~~~

This is Lea's face on a vintage photo..
at her Shabby Olde Pottingshed

...if anyone is interested I am only charging $5.00 .. let me know and I'll make you up..I have alot of darling vintage photos, from bathing beauties, winter clothes, dance girl garb, to the risque flappers(:) AT my MAKEOVER STORE Above~~


  1. Love the pics of your grandson he is a cutiepie!

  2. Hello Dear Patty,
    I love your darling grandson, Carter, he must bless you each time you even think about him! God is so great to give us another chance to be mothers through grandchildren! I am hopeful that one of my sons will "gift" me with one someday! (praise God, the oldest is getting married in Sept. maybe soon it will happen?)

    You mentioned a sign above my bed, did you mean the Paul de Longprie (sp?) yardlong?? My bedroom was the picture in the middle of my post with all the rose things on the bed, the walls, the fabric etc.

    I would love to have you make me up sometime as one of these vintage girls! I will let you know when the extra $5 isn't going into my gas tank, glug, glug! :(

  3. Another great post--you always have the BEST pics!! Both the ones you take and the vintage ones. I love that one with the little girl and her dog! Sweet.

    How fun for you to get to play and work in the yard with little Carter--he sure is a cutey pie! Spending time with a sweet little child on a lazy summer day sounds a little like heaven to me.

    I took that "what kind of flower are you" test thing on your side bar---turns out I'm a Stinkweed.

    haahahahha! Just kidding! :oD

    Have a great day Patty!
    Smiles, Karen

  4. Hi Patty,

    Carter is too cute for words. We are so fortunate to be grandma's. I love the vintage ladies. Just need a non fuzzy picture of me-lol.

    Take care my friend.

  5. Pattypattypatty*....

    BY FAR, Young Carter's pictures .... *he is just so darn cute! Ya didn't get much help outta him picking up Granny's apples huh? heehoaoaooa
    Bet that was a chore cleaning all those things up!
    I love your signs you paint... gosh, birds, roses... I can hardly wait to see what's next! You are one busy chick! AND you have been totally crackin me UP with your funny vintage pictures.
    So to buy them, I have a friends birthday coming up. I think this will be the perfect gift... so let me see if I can find a great headshot of her. I think she would like to be a FLAPPER.
    You really are a hoot. You definitely bring alot of joy to my life.
    Thanks for the giggles,

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Makeover store?? How cool. I gotta go take a look!! I love your blog, Patty. It's always so interesting! Blessings... Polly


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