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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hair to DO..(:)
Nancy came over an we frosted alittle ,then trimmed..then we went for a Frappachino..took it to the park and visited..then we went to a cute bead shop..her daughter is into jewelry making and she is thinking we should do it too..maybe, ya never know..I would need a big magnifying glass (:)

this darling head dress was at the bead shop.. well one like it, this one is a pic of one on ebay, so cute `we said wouldn't it make a darling head dress for a young bride(:)

Nancy before~~

Nancy during(:)

can you imagine why 'oh why' she didn't want her face in this pic(:)

Nancy After~~ TA DA~~

~~ I Just had to show you my new perm,

I did it Monday(I do my own.. with big rods..not a fun thing..and very messy)...

it gives my fine, limp hair some LIFT ~~(:)
This is a short post tonight, was a busy day ..not as hot as usual but 85ish ....had alot of running around to do for the orchard, family and all.

Cute skirt from Karen... is a sheer fabric with a black liner ...and a double ruffled bottom ,a mid calve length.. I like it.. fit perfectly~~

Karen came by and brought the cute skirt , today ,that didn't fit her and

Adam my baby(28)
came by for lunch ...I ran to the store this morning and bought a huge pile of hamburger..came home and made a huge meat loaf..delish..............I love it as a sandwich with you ??

Just cook and mash up some frozen veggies,


eggs, ketsup, bread crumbs or soda crackers' crunched, spices , grated cheese, add it all to the raw hamburger for a moist and healthy meatloaf~~ BAKE IT~ LOL
Then Nancy came this afternoon... blah blah blah, on an on (:) I had a fun day just being silly ~~
Glad you all stopped in I'll be by to see you ,too..

I just love coming to ''my post'' (:) to hear the lovely Enya--Evening Falls ~LOVE that song~!!

~~SO dreamy ~~

Just found a darling fellow blogger Cielo @ House in Roses

Speaking of hair this is hair...just beautiful huh?? Lucky Cielo~


  1. You did a fantastic job on Nancy's hair--she looks so cute!

    Sounds like a fun day--it's nice that your "baby" comes by for lunch :o)

    Smiles, Karen

  2. A new hairdo , a frappachino and a bead shop be still my beating heart, that is my absolute favorite way to spend the afternoon ask my daughter!!!!
    I made an app for my hair in 2 weeks, were going away for a few weeks and I am treating myself to something new too, can't wait for a new me, this one feels old and drab.Counting the days till the new me!

  3. Girl, YOU ARE GOOD at frosting!
    I'd let ya do my hair!!!
    Bring on the meatloaf sammys too!
    Ya know what? I am gonna make meatloaf tomorrow night. That DOES sound good! Thanks for the idea! LOL
    I just watched thee sneezing panda.
    That is a riot! And that little panda is so stinking cute! Love it!
    Later gater,

  4. Such pretty blog banner!


  5. Dear sweet Patty, now I’m embarrassed!.... and so honored that you mentioned me on your blog, it always amazes me to find such great ladies all thorough blogland... just amazing! And by the way, you look fab! Love your new style!



  6. Hi the new do's. I love to live near by I'd be over for sure.

    Mmmmm a meat loaf sandwich...lots of mayo and I make mine on white delish. Hugs, Linda

  7. Hi Patty, I received my gourds in the mail today. I love them! I posted about them, hope you like my post.
    Love, Ann

  8. Hi your perm!! Such a great friend you all...posting pics of your pals!!

  9. Your hair looks great and so does your friends. One of the best things about meatloaf is the yummy sandwiches the next day. I never tried them with mayo, I always put ketchup on mine.

  10. It looks like you had a fun hair day! Love the perm..

    There is nothing better than a meatloaf sandwich :)

    That's a great fish picture too!


  11. What a fun day!!! You are a bundle of energy. Y'all did such a great job on her hair.. did you do your perm too?? Looks fantastic!! The head dress is unique too!!
    The meatloaf recipe sounds yummy!!!
    Makes my tummy grumble!!!
    vintage girl

  12. Patty, coming back to your blog, I don't know how I missed it but I LOVE YOUR NEW DO! YOUR PERM turned out fabulous daaaarling! I wish I could get a perm to turn out like that. Mine ends up lookin like a steelwoolpad on my head! I love your haircolor too. WREET WREWW to you and your Nancy. Plus I agree, Miss Cielo has one head of hair. WOW... must be rough huh?
    Hugs to you and yours

  13. I sure could use a nice friend such as yourself that does hair!
    Turned out so cut...on both of you.
    Sure, I'll say yes to the door knob giveaway.
    God bless,

  14. Hi Patty,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    You did a wonderful job on Nancy's hair and I just LOVE your hair too!

    Cielo is a sweetie! She has a gentle soul. I so enjoy her blog.

    hugs to you,

  15. Sounds like a wonderful day! I love your new hairstyle!! So cute.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Hi Patty...your new banner is pretty, pretty, and lots more pretties at Photobucket...what fun. Have a happy weekend. Hugs, Linda

  18. Patty,
    Love the banners you made! I may borrow one! ;)
    Hey, as I was browsin your blog, I wanted to tell you of a photograph I saw recently at my dentist office. Thought you might want to try it with Young Carter?.... and Mr. Tomikins?
    The photo is of a little boy,
    They had the boy hold the cat with each front leg of thee cat over top the boys shoulders as though it is HUGGING THE boy? They "arranged" the cat to look like it's head was laying on boys shoulders THEN they stood BEHIND the boy and took a photo of child from behind with thee cats head lying on his shoulder with each arm out HUGGIN thee boy. They had it in black and white AND SERIOUSLY it was INCREDIBLE.It was a full length photo of the child. Wish I had a photo like that of my boys when they were little. SOOPERDOOPER cute. It would be AWESOME of young Carter and Tomikins. ;) Just had to share the sweet idea I saw in case you want to give it a try.? I can tell you like takin photos, and are really good at capturing those special moments.
    Have a goooorgeous day,

  19. Hi Patty!
    You had a busy day! And lots of fun! I LOVE your hair Patty, looks fabulous!! I have fine limp hair also and color it to give it some body and keep it short, that's the only way I look like I have any hair!!
    MMMM meatloaf, we love it in sandwiches with mayo also. If I eat alone I like to drown it in catsup or is that ketchup? I think I come from the ketchup side of life!
    Great photos of your friends! If I lived closer I'd have you work on my hair.
    Big hugs, Sherry

  20. You look mahvelous! Very cute hairdo! And Nancy too!

    Meatloaf is one of my favorite comfort foods! Love it in a sandwich, but with my teens in the house, we never have left-overs!

  21. Sure like that you are doing hair. I love doing hair for myself and for my family. It's fun isn't it and it feels good to know someone is happy to wear the hairstyle you gave them. I cut most of my familys hair and have cut hair for my grandchildren also. Keep on having fun!

  22. To answer your question. I started at 14 doing my brothers hair. In the 70's my 5 brothers wanted shag cuts and my dad always did military cuts so I talked him into letting me do their hair and they were happy. I did my dad's hair, my sisters hair, an uncle or two and my father-in-laws. It went on from there. My only fee was for them to do the clean up of their hair clippings, sweeping and collecting, etc. I always hated that part. It worked out well for us all. I was going to be a hair dresser, then decided to be a nurse, then dropped all to get married and have babies. Sound familiar to any women?

  23. Your perm is so cute! I love the perky hair on you. So flattering and really cute.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  24. Hi Patty...I love visiting you and Enya is a bonus....I love her music too.

    Have you played with the
    Zinnias yet? Hugs, Linda

    p.s. thank you for asking about using the picture...L


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