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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Angels, fairies and some silly sayings~~


Cobwebs in our minds

~~I may not be the smartest bird in the nest but I can soar above the rest~~

Just thinking about when thoughts of insecurities creep in~~ You know those little thoughts that come in when you don't feel like you are good enough at this or that~~

Well we all know to sweep those cobwebs out and invite back in the good does work ~!!

I have noticed that most of my new BLOG friends are believers and that is an uplifting thing~~

I remember one night about 8 years ago I was over in Seattle staying with a friend we stayed up half the night talking about life and about angels.. and when I got into bed--was a darling room --wide wood molding, floor and crown ...with craftsman style wood furniture, a rocker and bed and a little dresser ..very sparse..but perfect~~

I continued my Angel thoughts asking who my childrens angels were..and after awhile 3 angel names came to me for my 3 sons..was a moment I'll never forget..


Anyone want to share their Angel story??

~~~~~~~~Silly Quotes~~~~~~~~

Eat chocolate-it'll make you SO happy~~Be good to yourself~~incase no one else is~~

    Be yourself,no one else can do it better~~

    Love yourself so others can~

    Drink lots of water and if you hate it (like me)drink anything with water in it~~

    Carry your own weight and if its too heavy ask for help(:)

Birds of a feather flock together-- so true we chose friend that are like us~~

Use a napkin "we're not savages"--I heard a father say this once when I ws young to his kids ..hummm

Families that play together stay together~~

Clean house , clean mind~~

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach--(:) or through your kisses~~

If you're good to animals ,you're good to people(:) Oh god bless these people~~

You can lean on a 'strong' man.. but sometimes you may have to be the strength, men can be weak too ~~

Stand alone (:) ok I'll try~~

~~I came across afew interesting articles/books below~~

In our ability to rethink our lives lies our greatest power to change them. What we have called “middle age” need not be seen as a turning point toward death. It can be viewed as a magical turning point toward life as we’ve never known it, if we allow ourselves the power of an independent imagination—thought-forms that don’t flow in a perfunctory manner from ancient assumptions merely handed down to us, but rather flower into new archetypal images of a humanity just getting started at 45 or 50.What we’ve learned by that time, from both our failures as well as our successes, tends to have humbled us into purity. When we were young, we had energy but we were clueless about what to do with it. Today, we have less energy, perhaps, but we have far more understanding of what each breath of life is for. And now at last, we have a destiny to fulfill—not a destiny of a life that’s simply over, but rather a destiny of a life that is finally truly lived.Midlife is not a crisis; it’s a time of rebirth. It’s not a time to accept your death; it’s a time to accept your life—and to finally, truly live it, as you and you alone know deep in your heart it was meant to be lived.

Midlife is not a crisis; it’s a time of rebirth. It’s not a time to accept your death; it’s a time to accept your life—and to finally, truly live it, as you and you alone know deep in your heart it was meant to be lived.


Ok I might buy her book (:)


Loretta LaRoche has been called “the Erma Bombeck of stress reduction”—


Loretta LaRoche, who has been called by Joan Borysanko “‘the jolly-lama,” turns spring 2003 into a giant party with a new PBS special and this new tie-in book, LIFE IS SHORT—-WEAR YOUR PARTY PANTS: The Nine Essential Traits You Need to Live an Amazing Life Ms. LaRoche has helped millions of people find ways to lighten up and overcome stress in their lives. Now, she gives people the tools they need to not only reduce stress, but to bring joy, passion and gusto into their lives. Her techniques are a brilliant blend of old-world common sense and the most contemporary research in brain chemistry, psychology and mind-body studies. With very specific exercises, her new book gives readers dozens of proven techniques for developing the nine most important traits people need to live an intense, happy, successful life: Resilience; Optimism; Connection; Mindfulness; Humor; Respect; Integrity; Creativity and Purpose Loretta’s wisdom grows from her own life, a life filled with the demands of being a single mother of three; of starting her own business when broke; of the wacky invasiveness of her Italian family. She is like all of us: real, flawed, stressed out and on edge. Her magic comes from an ability to not take herself too seriously, and to always shift her focus away from the self-destructive and toward the truly important things in life. This book will give readers those same tools. In her work, Loretta has seen tens of thousands of people who live their lives as if they’re sitting in the waiting room, hoping that their turn comes up next. This book will show those people how to get up, knock on the door, get what they want, or move on! LIFE IS SHORT; WEAR YOUR PARTY PANTS is a delightful and insightful book of wisdom for everyone who has ever had the instinct to keep her good clothes in the closet, lock away the expensive silverware, or deny themselves a bite of dessert, waiting for a special occasion. Loretta says:

If you wake up everyday and you're breathing it is a gift(:)

Has anyone read them??


Erma Bombeck was so funny LOVED HER humor~~


I can make myself an ANGEL too ...0(:)<

so can you ~~

Thanks for coming in.. would love to hear from you ..


  1. Oh Patty,
    HOW I LOVE THIS POST. I always knew you had wings! ;)
    Angel story?... Well, When my Momma's time was near, her sister; my Aunt, told me she was sending her guardian angel to be with me and my MOm. She TOLD her angel to GO and be with us. This guardian angel was her baby brother who died at birth. -.. My Moms last day with us, I was sitting at her bedside and she said she could see a man... but I could not see him. Later in the day, she started seeing something/someone I could not again,... and she was SO HAPPY! She was looking UP! That is as close to REAL LIVE ANGELS I have ever been, That and the glory of God. At least that I was aware of? I BELIEVE with all my heart, and witnessed this first hand. I'll never forget it and I look forward to seeing what she did! She told me before she left, that she was going to ask God if she could be MY Guardian angel,.. and I know she is. ~My Angel Mother.~ ~j~

  2. I loved Erma and was so sad when she died. She was a wonderful person and so funny!
    God bless,
    Brenda :)

  3. What a great post! Thanks for sharing some words of wisdom and joy!

    I think my daughter is my angel. She's always been a blessing to me!

  4. I wonder how many times we have been around angels but were unaware that they were an angel. I am so glad that I am loved enough to have an angel watching out for me. I think that my boys must have a league of angels watching out for them!


  5. Another beautiful post Patty--full of beautiful pics and interesting tidbits! I haven't read either of those books--but they both sound well worth a good read.
    I am such a fan of Erma Bombeck--God rest her.

    I have an angel story--I was driving in to work one day and was stopped at large intersection (one of those that don't have a light, everyone just takes turns). I could hear a siren somewhere nearby and I looked around but didn't see any emergency vehicles anywhere so I proceeded to cross the intersection--all of a sudden my car screeched to a halt and I looked up to see the very frightened face of the man sitting in the passenger seat of a the ambulance that just came out of nowhere--he was only about 5 feet in front of me and if my car wouldn't have stopped, I would have broad-sided that ambulance and totally hit right where that man was. I only missed it by about a foot. The funny thing is that I never saw that ambulance until my car was stopped and I never slammed on the brakes. I don't know if it was my angel or his that stopped my car--but I do know it was one of them!

    Smiles, Karen

    ps--your 3 sons are indeed very handsome! and you make a really cute ANGEL!

  6. Great post Patty! A real inspiration this morning!! I definitely believe in angels. I know 2 people that can see them at times. Both of those people were in the hospital room when my husband's brother died on Christmas Day many yrs ago. They both said the room was FILLED with angels. Some were there to take the brother home, the rest were there to comfort those left behind. They said it was such a truly glorious experience!
    Hugs, Sherry

  7. Hi Patty,

    You are an angel! What a delightful post. I have to tell you it really helped make my day so much better.

    I always love visiting you.

    have a blessed weekend,

  8. What a wonderful post! I love it!

    So I just have to know, what were the three names you heard? How exciting.

    I have some stories that made me believe but they are to long to post here. But, now no one will ever talk me into thinking there are not angels! I KNOW they are real.

    Where did you find those great photos? I love them and would love to print one out to frame and put in my office...would that be ok?

    Please email me and let me know.


  9. Loved it all but especially the bit on The Age Of Miracles....embracing the New Midlife. I am trying so hard..I really am but I am afraid I am not doing a good job og it. I know my DH has an angel sitting on his shoulder. :) Lynn

  10. What a sweet post! I BELIEVE!!!

  11. Yes, yes yes!!!! Please put me in the drawing please!!!

    Patty - you are such a loyal friend!!! I can always count on you to leave a message! God bless you!!!

    And yes, I am a believer and I have a God story, (sorry - not an angel story) - where I saw God holding his arms out to me calling me to him, and when I told my fiancee good-bye (in a delirium) he "freaked out" and I asked God to wait, and He said, okay - and I know will come again for me some day - that has always been very comforting to me!!! So there you go......

    So what do you think, do I go back now and tell all the stories that go with the pics, or is it pretty self explanatory. And do I have too many pics of family (posed, etc), what do you think?

    And love ALL your pictures! Where do you find all those vintage goodies? You are one talented lady!

    And I know what you mean about the insecure thoughts too - don't you think Satan likes to cripple us with these thoughts? It keeps us from our own potential, don't you think? Doesn't make it easier tho!

    Well, have a good day - keep smiling!

    Hugs - Diane

  12. A very sweet post indeed. A lot of what you posted hits home.
    I too, believe in angels!

  13. You are the most beautiful angel ever!!!!!
    :) :)

  14. I've spent quite a bit of time looking around! Lots of fun stuff here, Patty.

    Loved Erma, but I'm looking for my "party pants" and putting Loretta's book on my wish list.



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