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Thursday, June 05, 2008

BACKYARD 08~ Life of a backyard junkie~~


Oh just thinking about how fun life 'can be' in a backyard ~~


Ryan Carter's daddy when he was about the same age.. he looks alittle older not sure how old he was here forsure(:) bad bad mom ~

~~Carter chomping on pretzels~~

Backyard Fun

Carter with his little finger poking his chapstick~~

'his new chair'

Just exploring(:)

Me, Carter and Pill BUGS or Curl-ups ..we call them

update(:) Robin @ bittersweetpunkin said they call them Roley-Poleys..LOL

well they have mulltiple names I guess..

Curl-ups or pill bug

they are tiny about 1/4 inch

they curl up into a tight ball so cute.........LOL(:)

Whenever Carter my little grandson (14 months old now), and I go outback and sit in the flowerbed and look for curl-ups(the little bug that rolls itself into a ball) Its so fun to find them~~ they crawl up his tiny palm he gets so excited they don't bite so its a safe toy ..Ofcourse I taught him to be very careful with them -you know me I don't like to kill anything living(:) I used to do this same thing with his daddy when he was a tiny little one..

I suppose I would never eat meat if I saw the process ..ugh (:(

I have family stories of how my mother- in -law used to chop off the chickens heads an they did run around for a bit OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH UGH ~~double UGH!~~~~I sure wouldn't like that job .. She was a wonderful cook though delishious fried chicken,pies,etc

My garden '07'gourd stockpile~~

Where like to have me lemonade under the shade of the trees surrounding the deck..(:)
as cool a place as there is without going into the AC'd house...

The chicken in the flowerbed has some hens'n'chicks in it~~

The yellow chairs and table I got this year..
The groundcover all along the fence is wonderful comes back every year and hold back all weeds(:) A VERY good thing~~Weeding isn't a fun thing it??

My garden is doing well as of early June~~ So far so good~~

The Japanese Maple is lace and huge it covers my kitchen window , adding some cool shade..

looking out my kitchen window~~

This tree is another keeper comes back every year bigger and better then the year before.. a green japanese maple~~it is airy enough that even though it blocks my Kitchen window I can still see through the lace leaves.. It gets really hot here in the summer(90-105) so any shade is a good shade~~(:)

One of my kitties enjoying a cool drink~~~


  1. The nice thing with this blog is, its very awsome when it comes to there topic.

  2. Hi Patty,
    What a wonderful relaxing post..Carter is adorable and your back yard looks cool and inviting...

  3. Sweet little grandbaby! I know boys well...I have 3 brothers...6 nephews and 3 sons!

  4. Hi ...such sweet backyard photos!! I have to be honest with you...after my parents got divorced we moved in with my Grandparents on their farm..I vividly remember my Grandfather chopping the head off the chicken and then seeing it run around the pen like crazy without it's kids we were amazed that it could still run around without its head. Oh the joys of Farm Life!!

    I have that same green bunny dish...we call those bugs Roley-Poleys.

  5. Hi Patty,

    I just tried to leave a comment but got an error message instead. I'm trying again.

    Carter is just so precious. I know you are enjoying him. What a sweet pea!

    Your yard is heavenly, sooo green!

    many hugs to you,

  6. Carter and his dad are cuties! Your backyard looks so relaxing.. We used to call those bugs roly polys and I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I'd eat them with my mud pies..what a weirdo, huh?

    Michelle :)

  7. Hi Patty, Carter is a sweetie pie and so is his daddy.

    Your backyard is is so green and lush. I love the view from your kitchen reminds me of being in a secret garden.

    We use to call those little bugs...balls bug. Warm Hugs, Linda

  8. Your yard is so lovely. Carter is such a cutie. Do you grow the gourds in your yard? My SIL grew some because she liked to carve them but they rotted during the drying process.

  9. What a pretty stroll through your backyard! And your grandson is such a cutie! Looks like he favors his daddy!

  10. What a fun trip meandering around your place! I so enjoyed it!
    The kiddos are little darlings and I'm sure good little childrens! :)
    We have those buggies too. I call them ROLY-POLYS.
    We used to butcher chickens and rabbits for our freezer on our farm. Must say... just not that hungry anymore! winkwink.... NO way.
    Have a beautiful weekend.


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