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Thursday, February 14, 2008


''Sunday Afternoon'' above picture


TUESDAY ~~~~~~FEBRUARY 26th 2008

Oh I just got a to see a beautiful and really interesting site LENKA

she is soooosooooo talented and fabulous photography.....

a must see(:)


Well Now that I've gathered all the branches from my back yard there is a huge pile in my garden area waiting for my husband to pickup and haul out front to the truck ..then off to my sons orchard (cherries) where afew times a year burning is allowed.. I remember the good(well maybe not so good) ol'days when we could burn a pile of twigs and other garden debris..

Not so good for our air .. however it was fun(:) kids would love it poking long stick into it (:)

Lastnight was so fun my little grandson came with his daddy ( I gave daddy a haircut, I have a little beauty shop downstair) he is going to be a year old April 5th ..almost walking .. loved the banana baby cookies I gave him.. they are shaped with a curve like a banana.. however with only two bottom teeth (when he smiles he looks like a jack-o-lantern) big chunks ended up in his mouth so we decided to break the cookie up into tiny pieces.. he picked at the crumbs till the last one was all gone..SOOOO darling >>LOVE that little Carter(:)

My other son Adam came up too he wanted to see the baby..well we all went downstairs to cut hair and afterwards we (well daddy and baby sat on the bed an we all gathered around to watch baby dumplins -just be cute -- I got out

all the stuffed animal (from my kids) I had saved for 30 plus years that were stored under my stairway..we had fun reminiscing about them and the baby loved it.. I saves so many things of my kids... a lot of their old wooden puzzles, games and I am glad I did..(:)

Well Shirley just called and we are going to color her hair in afew(:) hugs from this end..Patty~~Have a wonderful day everyone~~~

LOVE this gals little roses painting and her stitcheries(:) ETSY so cute another

MUST SEE~~ below


SATURDAY February 23rd
I just went in and read 10 ways blogland is like High School at ''Shabby in the city'' very cute a must read~~ can you remember all the cliques and junk that went on ..oh my goodness !!

~~~if you have any old HS memories to share (comments below) on here please do ..(:)

Yesterday ..I spent about an hour out in my back yard pulling up gunky slimey plants from the flower beds and raked the left over dried leaves from the trees onto a big pile .I used a big plastic tarp to make it easy to drag it down and dump in the garden plot..will be mulched in a few months from now and make better soil for my gourd and veggies to grow(:)

I also picked up several huges piles of fruit trees branches from the pruning of them this fall..felt good to do some manual labor(:)

So it is starting to look alittle better~~Yeah~~!!!




This is some of my beautiful VINTAGE Flapper HAT girls collection.. Love these.. if you 'd like to save them to your documents right click on them should do it..choose save to : my pictures or documents.. They make darling cards or little pictures framed in a grouping~~


I have lots of other images-- Flapper Headbands, Vintage Bonnets,dresses, theatre costumes, Vintage automobiles, vintage children, Fairies..etc...
I'll post some of these later..



While working on a big bowl of my- soup-goulash- not sure what it actually is but is yummy ..this morning I was wiping off spoons and counters as I went and thinking about how I have gotten to be even more of a neat-nic then ever ..a monk ..a fus-buzzy ?? ALL of them I suppose may be due to having more time on my hands since the kids are on their own... Just wondering if anyone else is seeing sign of this happening to them??

Let me know (:) isn't a bad thing ..just a new me I guess(:)

Have been thinking Easter and starting to make more decor items.. We went down to Yakima yesterday and had a great lunch at Olive Garden..then went to a cute store called

""Fiddle Sticks"" then into a crafters mall behind it called

""Crafters Boutique""

208th N. 16th Ave.

Yakima Wa.. 98902

If you live close by check both stores out, very fun..I bought this sweet EASTER Box scene... handmade( almost everything ) she handmade the paper mache' sheep and tree, & painted the darling box..

The lady who made it is Cheryl Miller, Business name is ~~PERIWINKLE~~


Here are some of my EASTER project..some from last year and beyond..some this year when ever it is always fun to make Holiday items(:)

I made this birdnest basket with a baby fuzzy chick in it and some colored silk cacoon eggs.. this year~~

This is a EASTER doll I made last year...

I made the hanky bunnies several years back~~

made this barkcone this year~~

And this cart pulled by a little chenille chic carries a fabric painted rabbit(bust)
I added little yellow 'forget-me-nots', ribbons,rusty bells, etc(:)

I made these felt chicks last year I think I have one or two left~~

Last year I made several felt bunnies I painted an added little embellishments~~sweet Annie~~

I made this wood bowl filled Easter display last year, its gone..

I made this running rabbit this year the first pic he is whiskerless(:) oops~~ can't figure out how to delete picture yet..

My little cupcake ornaments I put them on a spool pedestal~

I found a site with some cute Easter bunnies and chicks you can use~~
EASTER'S COMING~~(:) So I just want to give you a little boost(:)



Would love to hear from you- comments are below (:) and thanks for coming by~~


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  1. Patty - you are so talented! Love, Esther

  2. Thanks for the mention. Nice flapper pics!

  3. Nothing like Easter decorations for me because I love Jesus and pastel colors!! Although I'll never understand what chicks and eggs have to do with Jesus...
    Thanks for the mention :)

  4. Holy cow - look at you go! You're off and running like nobody's business. I love your website. Will you be selling from there too? And your flapper girl hats are wonderful! Blessings... Polly

  5. I found your blog few days ago and stop to say “Hi”! WOW - you are amasing, so many talents!

  6. Hey haven't hairstyles and ideas of what makes "presentable" changed... I was thinking of those 1920s images... very beautiful but in a very different way!

    Hey I love this blog of yours it's about as cluttered as my own unkempt head!!


  7. Oh, you really tagged me - it is so sweet! You know, it is first time in my life! Thank you! You so dear!


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